WordPress Conversion

It’s possible you already have a website, but your company has outgrown it. Or maybe it’s been around for some time, but it’s not making you any money, and you are ready to look at it through fresh eyes.

Or maybe the one who developed your website – you, your sister-in-law, or perhaps your neighbor’s child – isn’t available or even interested any more to keep your site updated, as is important in today’s world. Your website has become orphaned!

Possibly you still love the way the site looks, and you’d be happy to make the updates yourself, but the technology is just unappealing. You know the site was build with “code” and you just don’t care to learn any of that nonsense.

That’s where we can help! We will use your existing domain name and content (where applicable) and create a new website for your business using the WordPress framework. We’ll add (and delete) content so your site accurately depicts your business today. We can also include new feature, eliminate broken links, and give new life to your site.

Why do we choose WordPress? This platform has been around for more than 10 years. While it began as a blogging tool, it is now one of the most used Content Management Systems (CMS) available. There are thousands of mini-applications called “plugins” that can easily and inexpensively add functionality to your site, making the site more interactive and thus more loved by Google.

And since we are building your site on a CMS, you will have the ability to publish content more easily, and more frequently, than on your old site. Remember, Google loves fresh content! Prefer to have us update your site? We can do that, too.