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What makes us different from the other SEO agencies?

First, we do the work ourselves. Unlike most of our competition, we don’t outsource your work to another country where they crank out junk with your name and web address on it. Yes, that stuff worked well five or ten years ago. I have to admit, we all did it. But things change in a nanosecond in the Internet world, and whether business owners are aware of these practices or not, it makes a big difference in the health of your website. When you work with us, you’ll get ethical Internet rankings that will not get you penalized.

When you hire an SEO expert, it’s a lot like choosing a doctor. Your business website is like your body. There is a lot of mystery involved within each of them, and as a business owner, the important minutia about each is beyond your own expertise. For example, you may have heard about social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, YouTube and others. You may also know that these are powerful platforms that can also help get your main website ranking higher. But do you know how? And do you have the time to do what’s needed? That’s why it’s important to find a provider that you trust and have confidence in.

Make no mistake, while anyone can go to Google and search for free, Google is not a non-profit. To the contrary, Google is a multi-billion dollar business. In 2014 it was valued at upwards of $350 billion. Google wants business owners to purchase ads, which are displayed across the top and down the right side of the search results pages (as well as on other qualifying websites in their Adsense network). When a visitor clicks on the ad, the business owner pays Google anywhere from .50 to $200.00 PER CLICK. This model is called Pay Per Click (PPC), and payment is due regardless of whether the visitor actually buys something from the business. When the business stops paying for the ads, that traffic stream stops immediately.

In contrast, SEO employs “organic” ranking, which normally takes several months to mature, but when done properly, a site can maintain their ranking after the SEO campaign is finished. Each business is different, but if yours is a candidate for our SEO services, we will show you how much revenue you are leaving on the table by not being on Page 1, and what it would cost for you to get equivalent traffic using PPC. We won’t take you as a client unless we can save you significantly over what you would pay for Google Adwords. We can generally provide our service for a fraction of what you would pay Google.

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