Web Design

It’s been said that “The center of your Internet Marketing program is your website.” Is your business one of the 46% of small businesses who don’t have a website yet? If so, this is where we will begin. And we will work within your budget to create a professional web presence for you.

Maybe you think (or you’ve been told) that you don’t need a website if you have a FaceBook page, or if you claim your Google My Business listing. Use this strategy and at best, you’re not using the Internet as effectively as you should be. At worst, you’re losing business to your competition who do have fully optimized websites that are working very hard for them!

Do you already have a website? We suggest that you take a look at your site with fresh eyes. Is it more about you, and less about what you can do for your prospects and customers? It used to be that a website gave you the opportunity to tell the world all about your business, but the focus has changed. Today, your website needs to give your viewers a real reason to be there. We can re-design your site to help you better attract your clients and customers of today – and tomorrow.

Of course, you need content and images on your site. You can write your own content, or we can provide content for you, with input from you. We can work with your photos, or we can provide the images (or custom photography) for you. We will guide you in this process as we refine your website design, along with your input.

Our goal is to work with you to produce a well-planned, attractive website which will not only represent your business brand, but will also increase your business reach and bottom line.

Do you want to get started? Give us a call so we can start to understand your needs.