Thank you!

Thank you for signing up for our hosting package.

To recap, our hosting package includes:
Site hosting on one of my third-party virtual private servers. Advantage: I know, and take care of, all of your “neighbors”, minimizing problems from website cross-contamination.
Timely platform software updates. Advantage: Not only are you ensured that the updates take place, I also confirm that the disparate modules which allow your site to operate, continue to “play nicely together.”
Twice monthly full-site backups, stored remotely on a separate Amazon S3 server. Advantage: Even if the entire server were to be compromised, we have backups. And they are not located on the same server.
Real-time monitoring of your site for security, resource utilization, and health. Advantage: You don’t have to worry about these issues because I have your back. While I can never say your risk is zero, I have everything in place to prevent and mitigate any problem.
Not included: Content modification.

Cost: $150.00/month. Terms: month-to-month, paid automatically via PayPal recurring payments

You can cancel payments via PayPal at any time. If you let us know 2 weeks or more prior to cancelling, we can arrange to help transfer your site to another host. Please understand that cancellation will result in site deletion at the end of your payment period.