Is Your Google Listing Expired?

I don’t know about you, but I do know that I get several calls per week from callers who tell me that my Google listing is expired. What?

First of all, they obviously have no clue what kind of business they are calling. Or perhaps they don’t care.

But no, Google listings don’t expire.

It’s possible that your information could be out-of-date. It’s possible that your Google listing is not optimized. It’s possible that the information on your listing is inconsistent with other listings online. But expired? No.

Since helping clients with Google listings is part of what I do, it offends me that there are businesses out there preying on the ignorance of other business owners. Our industry is currently unregulated, so this practice is not illegal. I tend to think it unethical, and really just plain wrong. I’ve spent many years trying to educate clients – and prospective clients – in a field where things change rapidly and it’s hard for true professionals to keep up.

Should you fix your Google listing if it’s out-of-date, not optimized, and/or has inconsistent information? Of course. And if you don’t know how to do that (or you didn’t realize it was) I would be happy to help. But our conversation will begin and end with honesty.